Arab Resource Center For Popular Arts /AL-JANA

Here you can take
a deeper look into
some of the projects
AL-JANA carried out
through the years:


Arij Palestine Nights for Music

Art on the Wall and Culture for All

Janana Spring Festival

Janana Summer Encounter

Marginalized communities face many challenges. AL-JANA is there to help pave the way for a better future; one full of opportunities, knowledge and possibilities. 

We focus on developing a proper pro-active and interactive learning and creative expression environment for children and youth at risk. This comes along with investing in organizational development, staff capacity building, and networking projects for grassroots community organizations.

Efforts are also exerted in the sphere of conflict transformation, empowering young people in becoming mediators, in transforming tensions and in promoting tolerance.

From our yearly spring festival and summer encounter up to our various creative and re-creational projects, we promote harmony and respect for diversity.  

Hand in hand we work on raising awareness through community and environmental health, always advocating for people’s rights.