Al-Jana Periodical

Al-Jana Periodical

Since 1994 AL-JANA has produced Arabic and English issues of a journal that is focused on Palestinian memory and oral culture.


  • In 2012, Al-JANA issued a special Arabic edition “Ahl Al-Amal” (People of Hope), under the theme of Ingenuity and creativity in popular movements and Intifadas.

  • In 2009, a special edition of Al-JANA Arabic was issued, focusing on “Palestinian Women and Active Memory”, edited by Dr. Faiha Abd El-Hadi.

  • In 2002, Al-JANA English Periodical, focused on “Palestinian Oral History” edited by Dr. Rosemary Sayigh.

  • In 1998 a special issue was published in English, focusing on Oral History: An activist project, edited by Kristen Scheid.