Active Learning Resources 1948

Ya Darna Yam Il-Shajar Lakhdar

Remembered in Exile: Palestinian Folktales
and Folksongs from refugee camps in Lebanon.

The active memory program fieldworkers, started collecting oral culture in the year 1995. Our archives have now 150 hours of folk-tales and folk-songs that have been recorded after almost 50 years of living in exile.

AL-JANA produced resources based on this rich collection.

“Ya Darna Yam Il-Shajar Lakhdar” “O Home of Ever Green Trees” book: A team of experts worked on turning some of these folksongs and folktales into a printed resource for facilitators and children, that was printed in 2009. Prepared by Jaber Suleiman and illustrated by Saa’d Hajo. This book is also available in audio format.

Ya Baladna Leish Hajartina?

Our Country why have you forsaken us?

This is the first resource pack AL-JANA produced in its series of: Children Discover Palestinian People’s History and Culture.

The learning through action approach is adopted in this project to bring home to our youth the reality of the events of the Palestinian Uprooting (NAKBA), and the harsh challenges that faced the refugees. In 1998 (50 years since the uprooting) 20 researchers interviewed 114 Palestinian elders living all over Lebanon. The testimonies these elders offered provided the basis for a pro-active learning pack (a story book, testimonies, action sheets, film (Sukkar Yafa) and an audio CD. The 20 testimonies and action sheets focus on issues such as women’s roles and children’s experiences during the war, the atrocities and forced displacement and other issues, that have not been dealt with in elitist and national histories.

The Story Book is based upon the trials and tribulations of two children
(a brother and a sister) who lose each other during the war and are later reunited, a composite story based on several testimonies. These resources engage the young in doing critical research and in expressing their views in creative and engaging ways


Um Othman


Nayf Afandi

The Sheikh of All men

Assad and Ghannom

Hanna Teacher

The Leader Abu Mahmoud