AL-JANA Productions and Publications

AL-JANA Films, Books & Musical Productions

To date, AL-JANA has produced 18 DVDs, two of which are part of printed resource packs. These short and full-length documentary films have been screened and broadcasted around the world. Many of our productions received award, such as; Lemonade (13 min.) that won the 2004 Golden Prize at the Cairo International Film Festival for Children 2004 and Three Quarters won an Award of Merit at the 2016 Accolade Global Film Competition.

AL-JANA has also released CDs for children such as the Janana music CD featuring 16 songs for children from around the world. Books published are the outcome of projects with children and youth, for example; Drawing and Design: Friday Art Club at AL-JANA and Timeless Tales: Folktales told by Syrian refugees, Away from Home Again about the displacement from the Nahr El-Bared camp in north Lebanon.

Here below is a full list of films, books and musical productions undertaken by AL-JANA. The list can be downloaded by clicking here