Art on the Wall and Culture for All

Art on the Wall and Culture for All

Food is not only there to keep us alive; it’s an identity, the heritage and tradition of each country! It forms deep connections with each place and its exclusive atmosphere.

In 2013, the Mediterranean Diet was included by UNESCO on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Concurrently, the Council of Europe recognized its key role as a means for fostering tolerance and cultural diversity.

In this context, Al-JANA has been organizing a festival under the title “Art On the Wall and Culture for All”, which is a one-day event held several times throughout the year in marginalized communities in cities and gatherings across Lebanon. 

This intervention has three main aims; first, allowing adjacent and sometimes conflicting communities to come together, preserving the Middle-Eastern food heritage and passing it down to younger generations, and highlighting the role of women in building cohesion among communities. 

 An astounding spirit of happiness is highlighted throughout the festival as women from participating neighborhoods bring along traditional food they helped prepare together. Food is shared with the public, in an amusing musical atmosphere accompanied by an art exhibition promoting local artists. 


Separately, the youth take part in cooking classes with professional chefs. They learn how to make traditional dishes, which they share later on with their communities.