Active Memory

The aim of this program is to help in reconstructing a Palestinian people’s history and engage young Palestinians in learning from, and building on the strengths of their community.

For several years now, AL-JANA has been conducting a campaign to collect oral testimonies from Palestinian refugees with particular attention to empowering experiences and cultural contributions of Palestinians in Lebanon, life histories, oral culture (folk stories and songs), recollections of the uprooting of 1947- 1948, and accounts of life in Palestine. Teams of field workers have been trained to this end, and so far 550 hours of testimonials and material, have been recorded and archived. Based on this rich archive, Al-JANA has been producing its bilingual journal Al-JANA, as well as active learning packs and multi-media productions for youth and educators, while developing a user friendly archive and website.

Some of AL-JANA’s projects include: