Arab Resource Center For Popular Arts /AL-JANA

The project aimed at enhancing social and psychological support programs as well as conflict transformation at public schools. It included the following interventions:


  • Theater and Educational Performances. Two interactive plays were performed for youth and followed by facilitated discussions. The first interactive play “Someone Listen to Me” used theater as a tool to engage the pupils to explore, analyze and transform the reality in which they are living through focusing on ways to deal with differences and work on “fitting in” when you are “different”. The second interactive play “Nos Nses” utilized humor to captivate and hold the attention of pupils while tackling issues of interest, problems faced by this age group, and possible solutions.


  • Film Screenings and Discussion: film screenings were organized for the benefit of youngsters; at the public schools’ premises and outside theatres. The films screened dealt with issues of conflict that face young people in various parts of the world and how people react to them. Topics screened and discussed included violence at schools, immigration, racism, religious differences. Facilitated discussions were held after each screening session through which the audience shared opinions and exchanged experiences.


  • Film-Making Workshops: A media workshop was organized for four groups of youth from the selected schools to produce four films of their own. The aim of these workshops was to engage youth of marginalized areas in media activities that would allow their freedom of expression and their mental and intellectual development, thus preparing them to be agents of change within their societies. By combining youth from different schools in one workshop, collaboration between the schools was supported and mutual understanding and tolerance promoted. The output of this activity was 4 films produced by the youth.



  • Training of Trainers: The TOT aimed at developing the participants’ understanding of conflict and the way to constructively transform it.

Support to Extra-Curricular Activities through Enhancing Social Cohesion and Communication among Public Schools
in Greater Beirut Region