Arab Resource Center For Popular Arts /AL-JANA

A resource book under the title of “Conflict as a challenge: enhancing children’s capacities of constructive conflict transformation” was produced and distributed by AL-JANA in 2009. A training on the resource is conducted with the aims of empowering the animators and social workers of organizations and association on how to effectively use this manual in their daily work with youth and children.


This workbook was prepared by a facilitator specialized in the field of conflict transformation, and provides a brief insight for educators into the dynamics of conflict and its transformation, and is followed by a series of practical tools (e.g. games, role plays and all sorts of other activities) that aid children & youth in better understanding the conflicts that make part of their daily life and in becoming an active part in their constructive management and transformation. The publication which is printed in Arabic, is largely based on the experiences of training and practices of conflict transformation activities within Palestinian and Lebanese NGOs, working with marginalized communities in Lebanon supported by AL-JANA in 2006 and 2007.


In addition, a special project, “Away from Home Again”, was devised to respond to the situation resulting from the May 2006 clashes in Nahr EL-Bared Camp. It empowered the children of Nahr El-Bared camp to reflect on experiences of displacement and document their creative activities.

Conflict as
a Challenge