Arab Resource Center For Popular Arts /AL-JANA

The ARCPA/AL-JANA Resource Center (JRC) is a focused research multi-media facility and a community library open to community and cultural activists, NGO facilitators, researchers and young people. It was set up in 1990 and comprises of thousands of books and magazines, written primarily in Arabic but also including titles in English and French. 



A specialized library
in resources on applied and performing arts (history, technique, education)

with the following fields of interest: history of art, museums & exhibitions, architecture, traditional and contemporary arts, dancing, music, musical instruments, printing, filmmaking, photography, drawing, animation, Arab culture, Arab poetry, costumes, eating & drinking habits,  proverbs, popular literature, technology and applied sciences, philosophy and art theories, and more.


  • A children’s literature section, which is used by children and educators. Among the topics featured are Palestine and children, Arabic but also some foreign children’s books, folktales, books on history. These have been sourced from publishers such as Dar El Fata il Arabi and the Tamer Institute.

While children come to enjoy the library at ARCPA, the books mostly travel in mobile libraries full of inspiring, educational and also good fun titles, prepared by our librarian, to marginalized communities around Lebanon. There they serve to promote literacy, foster imagination and give children insight into traditions, cultures, folk tales and of course also food.  

Reading benefits children in language, literacy and brain development. It stimulates imagination and allows for emotions to be expressed. Reading and story telling in one’s mother tongue is crucial.

Accordingly, the books ordered are often in line with ARCPA/AL-JANA programs and projects: for example, when a facilitator offers a recycling workshop, or ARCPA/AL-JANA offers filmmaking workshops, our librarian tries to order such titles. The Friday Art Club facilitators also often take inspiration from books stored in the resource center.

Of the dozens of titles, some stand out: the Dar al Fata Arabi collection is, “old but gold”, Dar Al-Asala and Dar Al-Shorouk produced good drawings and writing, Dar Onboz and Khayyat Al-Saghir are among the recent stars in the field.  



Audio & Video library

Audio Library

  • Arab, classical, and world music section open for listeners. Rare cassettes and vinyl’s are part of this collection. AL-JANA has a series of recordings on the history of Arabic music and song with commentary by the leading music historian Mr. Elias Sahab in its collection.


Video library

Open for viewers and comprises of feature and documentary film productions as well as historical footage. Part of this library is also a unique selection of films children and youth made for children and youth.

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