Away from Home Again

The “Away from Home Again” project, took place after the armed clashes broke out in Nahr El-Bared camp (North Lebanon) 2007. Due to the massive destruction of the camp, all its inhabitants, some 40,000 persons, were forced to leave the camp and take the refuge elsewhere, mostly in the neighboring Beddawi camp. Both the displaced refugees and their hosts had and still have to bear with the extremely difficult living conditions, as the population of the camp doubled.  At the very early stage of their displacement, Al-JANA initiated activities with children from Nahr El-Bared in Beddawi camp.

“Away from Home Again”, is a learning and creative expression odyssey by displaced young Palestinian refugees. A photo-voice chronicle of the trials & tribulations of refugee children at a time of war & displacement; their efforts to express & transform their precarious lives, & their participation in their community’s efforts to rebuild their lives & their camp.

Over the span of three years (2007-2009), the children in this journey worked with specialists to become photo-journalists, filmmakers, creative writers & artists.
Their productions are a testament to the transformative power of art and the creative energies of young people at times of crisis.